Course Curriculum

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    1. EP 0 : Introduction & SIB Course Outline

    2. EP 0.1 : Pre-Investing MUST DOs

    1. EP 1.1 : Stocks vs Other Assets

    2. EP 1.2 : No Brainer Reasons for Choosing Stocks

    3. EP 1.3 : Other Concerns You Might Have in Stocks Investing

    1. EP 2.1 : Moats (Part 1)

    2. EP 2.1 : Moats (Part 2)

    3. EP 2.2 : Qualitative Checklist

    4. EP 2.3 : Intro to Financial Statements & Balance Sheet Analysis

    5. EP 2.4 : Income Statement Analysis

    6. EP 2.5 : Cash Flow Statement Analysis

    7. EP 2.6 : Bringing the Financial Statements Together & Quantitative Checklist

    8. EP 2.7 : Financial Reporting & Key Milestones

    9. EP 2.8 : Assessing Management

    10. EP 2.9 : Corporate Governance

    11. EP 2.10 Return In Invested Capital (ROIC) - The Ultimate Ratio

    12. EP 2.11 Identify Red Flags

    13. EP 2.12 How To Read Annual Reports

    14. EP 2.13 Industry Analysis

    1. EP 3.1 : Market Capitalization + Enterprise Value (EV)

    2. EP 3.2 : Yields (e.g P/E Ratio, EY%)

    3. EP 3.3 : Liquidation Value & Examples

    4. EP 3.4 : When to Sell a Stock?

    5. EP 3.5 : How To Determine Future Share Price?

    6. EP 3.6 : Intrinsic Value

    1. EP 4.1 : How to Construct a Portfolio?

    2. EP 4.2 : Position Sizing

    3. EP 4.3 : Value Averaging

    4. EP 4.4 : Portfolio Management

    5. EP 4.5 : Cash Strategy

    6. EP 4.6 : Selling Strategies & Case Studies

    7. EP 4.7: Risk Management

About this course

  • $247.00
  • 62 lessons
  • 14 hours of video content

In this course:

  • 12+ Hours of Educational Content

    Knowledge and insight-packed material filled in 30+ videos that are sure to upgrade your investing skills like never before.

  • Step-By-Step System

    You’ll get the specific steps in SEQUENCE that shows you how to buy your first stock.

  • 20+ Investing resources

    Resources include PDFs in the description of each video for your personal revision which you can print and take anywhere with you.

What You’ll Learn

How we can help you build, grow and maintain a 6-7 figure stock portfolio using a step-by-step low-stress method.

This course can help you (if you put in the work):

  • PRODUCE 10-20% annual returns in the stock market, FAR more than EPF and most investments, with just 10-20 hours of work a week.

  • REMOVE emotions by having a system that’s repeatable and proven. No more FOMO.

  • DEVELOP a system that makes it hard for your portfolio to go down by 50%.

  • REDUCE the need for you to check your trading screen every minute/hour/day. Significantly lowering your stress and anxiety in the stock market.

  • ELIMINATE 700 out of 900+ companies in Bursa Malaysia that are bad to invest in.

  • USE the same system to invest overseas. USA, China, Japan, Europe, you name it.

  • NO MORE relying on friends/family/news to get stock tips.

  • GAIN the CONFIDENCE to invest in the stock market. No more speculation, no more fear of the UNKNOWN.

The course focus will be on these 5 steps:

Step 1: Why Stocks?

We’ll show you why stocks are simply the best. We do a detailed analysis comparison between different asset classes, especially properties. We also go into some of the biggest myths and excuses people give for not investing with stocks.

Step 2: What Stocks To Buy?

Here we show you how to identify the RIGHT stocks to buy, using qualitative and quantitative metrics. You’ll also get a 15+ item checklist that will greatly improve your ability to pick the right stocks.

Step 3: When To Buy/Sell Your Stocks?

We guide you through the best times to buy your stocks, using proven and easy to understand methods. No spreadsheet even required. We’ll also show you the 4 key signals for you to sell your stock.

Step 4: Build A Portfolio

We teach you how to to build a LOW-RISK-HIGH-RETURN portfolio. Yes, you read that right. You can actually make more money by lowering your risk by constructing a portfolio that suits you best.

Step 5: How To Buy Your First Stock?

Lastly, we show you step by step on how you can buy your first stock. Which accounts to use, how to make trades, etc.

As a BONUS, we’ll have 20+ printable materials for you to reference once you complete the course. You’ll also get plenty of other BONUS videos including one on ShareInvestor (where you learn how to use a financial data software which will speed up your research time). We will also add MORE bonus videos in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this course for?

  1. New to intermediate stock investors.
  2. Long Term stock investors.
  3. Value investors.
  4. Growth investors.
  5. Dividend investors.
  6. Investors with ZERO knowledge about stocks.
  7. People who haven’t gotten the results in the stock market that they want.
  8. People that are willing to learn and have a growth mindset.
  9. People who don’t like too much trading and technical analysis.
  10. People who love Warren Buffett.
Basically, if you’re into stocks over the long term and you don’t want to/are tired of speculating, this course is for you!

How long does it take to complete the course?

If you spend 1 hour a day, you’ll finish it within a week.

But remember, it’s not how fast you finish the course but how whether you understand them and take things seriously that counts.

How long will I have access to the course?

1 year.

Do the methods this course teaches apply if 

I’m not a Malaysian-citizen?

Absolutely! Our system and teachings are relevant regardless of
country, culture, and even era!

How about refunds?

If you send us an e-mail asking for a refund within 10 days after making the payment, you’ll get your refund. No questions asked or the need to ‘prove’ anything. This refund will exclude SST and payment provider charges. You will receive the refund 30-45 days upon request.


The information in this course is accurate as of the posting date. These are just the opinions of the FIRL Guys and do not in any way represent investment advice or stock recommendations, the content in this video is purely educational.

Information in the video might not be applicable to all investors as it does not take into account the financial circumstances, investment goals, and risk tolerance of any specific investors. Risk is inherent to all investing, including the permanent loss of capital. Past performance does not equal future results.

If you’re wondering whether this training is useful,

read what some of our former participants have to say 👇

"I finished the whole course in one day at 2x speed haha.."

by Ian Lee, Civil Engineer

Was really informative and it has made me excited to read AR/QR especially! I would definitely want to know more about studying an industry as a whole, but I guess that could be a separate course altogether. Can't wait for new content to be added to the course! Very good value!

"So far so good!"

by Khay Ryn, Business Development Executive

Almost done with the videos. Personally find it manageable and straightforward to understand for someone without a Finance background.

I think SIB is a gem.

by Gabriel Ng, Quantity Surveyor

This is coming from someone who have attended many other paid classes and memberships in Malaysia (which are usually, by the way, at least 3 to 4 times more expensive). What I like about SIB is that it covers many topics that are seldom talked about but super important in a very comprehensive way (backed up with statistics, examples, case studies, answers to various questions).

"I think SIB is super value-for-money!"

by Kah Yong Fong, Civil Engineer

Completed the course in 2 days back in January and learned more than I expect to learn. This was a great course to kickstart my investment journey, and I wouldn't have done it other way else. Not to mention all the videos can be played as many times as I want when I want to revisit or strengthen my understanding. Particularly enjoy the Q&A as well.

"I never knew I would get so much knowledge from meeting FIRL."

by Jon Ng, YouTuber

Before I met FIRL, the biggest problem I had with the stock market was confidence issues. Especially when it comes to jargon and terminology. Through FIRL’s experiences, they have given me a lot of knowledge and I understand things a lot more now compared to when I was overwhelmed by information. I highly recommend FIRL!

"I highly recommend FIRL Guys if you want to start investing but don't know where to start."

by Bryant Huynh, Software Engineer

They (FIRL) are really friendly and willing to share whatever they know. I learn a lot, not only the knowledge but also how to think and build the mental model when it comes to analyzing a company. I think you can not get that from any books.