Discover great stocks before you finish a cup of coffee.

It takes 

10 hours to get familiar with a stock/company,

100 hours to understand it decently, 

1,000 hours to be an expert at it. 

Reading quarterly and annual reports, as well as doing on-the-ground research sucks up a lot of your time.

Let us do the hard work so those 1,000 hours become less than 15 minutes to you.

What to expect:

  • Monthly Investment Ideas

    A MINIMUM of 2 stock reports a month + 1 big picture report that tells you where the economy is heading and whether you should be bearish or bullish.

  • Not More Than A Cup Of Coffee

    Read all the important things you need to know about a stock and the economy in 10-15 minutes.

  • Jargon Minimalism

    Unlike the typical bank and analyst reports, ours are written in simplified language that anyone can understand. You don't need to be an expert, you only need to know what matters.

Is FIRL Pro useful?

Read what some industry experts have to say!

Structured, concise and easy enough to read for most level of investors.

by Rondy, Investor

I find the reports structured, concise and easy enough to read for most levels of investors. The fact that the reports are written individually contributed showcases the freedom, passion & effort put in to produce them, instead of it being a 'task/duty/job'.

Simple and clean.

by Hann, CEO & Founder of Tradeview Capital

It is a commendable endeavor by FIRL to help retail investors become more well-informed & knowledgeable. It levels the playing field of the stock market.

Saves me time from flipping through thick annual reports

by Nixon, Fund Manager

Informative with a reasonable amount of analysis on stocks and the industries in which the companies operate. Easy to understand without complicated jargon. Good for someone who has limited to no knowledge of the company and industry under coverage.

You're in the right place right now because you...

  • want to make the right stock investments without having to spend hours and hours researching.

  • struggle with information overload when reading reports or googling things yourself.

  • are tired of keeping track of the developments of the company.

This is why we created FIRL Pro. So you can finally:

  • complete 90% of your research journey before you even start using Google.

  • get the important things about a stock in 15 minutes or less instead of researching endlessly and aimlessly.

  • build confidence in your investments a whole lot faster.

My story and why FIRL Pro?

COVID really hit many people hard, that includes me. 

Some called me crazy, but I decided to quit my job during COVID to start an Investing YouTube channel (which you can see here).

How did I do it?

I spent the last 7 years learning everything I can about investing which allowed me to be without any income for 5 years and still survive - thanks to my stock portfolio (which I manage full-time).

Soon enough, due to multiple requests, many asked me about these skills and where I learned them.

So I created the Stock Investing Blueprint (SIB), an online program on the step-by-step way to invest in stocks.

Many people found it really useful, however...

While they now know how to invest, they just don't have the time to analyse companies because of their day job, family, etc.

This is why I decided to create FIRL Pro.

Stocks we've owned

and how they've performed (excluding dividends)

Disclaimer: Some of the mentioned stocks were already sold.

Why these busy people love FIRL Pro

I would happily pay $497 a year for this.

by Loh, Technical Executive

My favorite thing about investing is learning about entire industries that I am only dimly aware of. I like how the article clearly frames the problem, solution, and catalyst! For what it's worth, from what I've read so far, I would happily pay $497 a year for this.

For an investor who spends almost half his day at work, this is godsent.

by Bradley, Fitness Coach

The reports are written as entertaining as a stock report can be written. Complex terms are broken down into "human" lingo. I'd recommend this to anyone who'd like to peek into the mind of FIRL Pro's investors through simplified writing.

This is awesome! So suitable for me with two kids now!

by Tommy, Real Estate Agent

I think that the report is very good due to how you guys show it on a global scale and the comparison of its competitors. Really Love how the sentences are short and the words chosen are really easy to understand. I gotta give a huge thanks for providing the Site Visit and Analysis briefing too that’s really what as a Local Investor been missing.

What exactly is inside FIRL Pro?

Stock Reports

Simple to read but in-depth reports that are designed to help you shortcut your research journey immensely. Summarizing for you ONLY the key information of the companies in the report.

Big Picture Reports

1 macroeconomic report every 2 months that helps you figure out where the economy is heading. Included in reports are leading indicators of the economy and industries that are likely to do well globally and in Malaysia. Perfect for asset allocators.

Research Request

Let us know what stocks you want us to cover and we will do it for you upon assessment.

Company updates

We'll do all the heavy lifting by tracking the companies we cover for you. Quarterlies, corporate exercises, management discussions, you name it.

Portfolio Tracker

Companies that we've issued a report AND/OR put a position on will be tracked for your viewing.

Monthly Q&A + Support Groups

A monthly live stream to ask us anything regarding stocks and the economy. 

Facebook and Telegram groups for you to get updates on the reports and ask us questions too.

Access to our other products

Free access to our flagship digital investing course Stock Investing Blueprint(SIB) valued at $247.

Archives to previous reports

Access to all our previous reports so you can start building your watchlist ASAP!

Some happy clients here

Cut through a lot of the excess and irrelevant information in the market and focus on significant factors for investors.

by Ross, Emcee & Educator

I found the reports managed to strike a good balance between being brief and yet at the same time maintaining a good in-depth analysis of each company. Each report is an approximately 15-minute read and is structured comprehensively to cover multiple significant areas of the business being evaluated. I would definitely recommend the FIRL Pro reports to anyone who is a keen investor who lives a busy lifestyle and would benefit from a short and focused report with actionable insights to aid their investing choices.

Reduces the time needed to research for statistical and historical data

by Saw, Senior Finance Executive

Rather than just providing news on why the particular stock is a considerable choice based on its current business circumstances/advantageous economic landscape, FIRL provides its opinions and covers the relevance from the early beginnings of the businesses to the temperament and identity of the management. A big fan of the details of the MOAT/competitive advantages which are key for great businesses to thrive in my opinion. A typical analyst will not cover it.

I've turned myself from a zero investing knowledge person to confident investor

by John, Video Editor

I never thought of investing until I joined FIRL Pro. With the help of FIRL Pro, I've turned myself from a zero investing knowledge person to a confident investor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is FIRL Pro for?

  1. Investors wanting to grow wealth over the long term
  2. Investors who don't have the time to do research
  3. Value/Growth/Dividend investors.
  4. Investors with an appetite to learn and love reading up about businesses.
  5. People who are fascinated by the economy and where its heading.

How is this different from the free content on FIRL's YouTube?

On YouTube, we touch briefly on the stocks we cover and what they do.

In these reports, we will give you a much more detailed breakdown of the business, what we think its valuation is (bearish or bullish), as well as notes from our private meetings with some of the management.

In short, on our free videos we talk about what's happening to the company, in the FIRL pro reports we talk about the company's invest-ability.

How long will I have access to FIRL Pro?

1 year.

Are the stocks covered global or local?

Both. We will be producing reports on mainly Malaysian, US, HK, and ASEAN listed stocks.

How about refunds?

If you send us an e-mail asking for a refund within 10 days after making the payment, you’ll get your refund. No questions asked or the need to ‘prove’ anything. This refund will exclude SST and payment provider charges. You will receive the refund 30-45 days upon request.

If you have more questions in general, e-mail us at or chat with us on Instagram(


The information in this course is accurate as of the posting date. These are just the opinions of FIRL and do not in any way represent investment advice or stock recommendations, the content in this video is purely educational.

Information in the video might not be applicable to all investors as it does not take into account the financial circumstances, investment goals, and risk tolerance of any specific investors. Risk is inherent to all investing, including the permanent loss of capital. Past performance does not equal future results.