What to expect:

  • SIB

    Easy to understand explanation of moats and how to applied in your analysis!

  • FIRL Pro

    One stock and macro economy report to tell you where the company and economy are heading and whether you should be bearish or bullish.

  • Huge Discount!

    Enjoy discounts up to 60% when you subscribe to SIB and FIRL Pro! Links are inside here!

My story and why SIB + FIRL Pro?

COVID really hit many people hard, that includes me. 

Some called me crazy, but I decided to quit my job during COVID to start an Investing YouTube channel (which you can see here).

How did I do it?

I spent the last 7 years learning everything I can about investing which allowed me to be without any income for 5 years and still survive - thanks to my stock portfolio (which I manage full-time).

Soon enough, due to multiple requests, many asked me about these skills and where I learned them.

So I created the Stock Investing Blueprint (SIB), an online program on the step-by-step way to invest in stocks.

Many people found it really useful, however...

While they now know how to invest, they just don't have the time to analyze companies because of their day job, family, etc.

This is why I decided to create FIRL Pro.

Stocks we've owned

and how they've performed (excluding dividends)

Disclaimer: Some of the mentioned stocks were already sold.


The information in this course is accurate as of the posting date. These are just the opinions of FIRL and do not in any way represent investment advice or stock recommendations, the content in this video is purely educational.

Information in the video might not be applicable to all investors as it does not take into account the financial circumstances, investment goals, and risk tolerance of any specific investors. Risk is inherent to all investing, including the permanent loss of capital. Past performance does not equal future results.